Women Uniform

Singlet or Cap Sleeve, Tights or Shorts

US Express Track Clubwelcomes all adults interested in participating in track and field. Whether you are 19, 35, 57, or 80+, you are welcome to join our family. Our team provides for opportunity for:

* training groups
* assistance with workouts
* ability to create relay teams for open and master championship events. 
* Provides a family environment for all to belong!!!!!

Our program falls under the two USATF distinct teams, Master's and Open/Elite divisions.

U.S. Express Masters Track Club (24-295)
The Master's offer a variety of competitive and fitness opportunities in track & field, long distance running, and race walking. Competitions take place in 5-year age divisions for individuals and 10-year age divisions for teams. Age divisions begin at age 30 for track & field and race walking, and at age 40 for long distance running.

Masters meets and races are more than competition--they're also fun! And, regardless of the level of competition, it's an opportunity to make new friends or reconnect with old ones!

U.S. Express Elite Track Club (24-294)

The Open/Elite Group gives those that are in between Youth and Masters the ability to compete. Whether you are an elite athlete running professionally, an athlete who has completed their college eligibility and want to continue compete or you are an athlete who are over the age of 18 and just desire to compete, our team is for you.

You can throw, run, walk or jump............There's something for all to do.....

For our athletes, membership will entitle you to a free website to assist with sponsorship or fundraising that can be used to support your career in the sport of track and field. We are committed to assisting you in gaining the support necessary for your success.

Men Uniform

Singlet or Compression top, Tights or Shorts

Adult Athletes


Tier 1 - $280

USATF Membership, Club Fee, Training Group sessions, Chiropractic/Massage discounts, Uniform.  Includes 6 meets (Elite) and 4 meets (Masters)

Tier 2 - $180

USATF Membership, Club Fee, Training Group sessions, Chiropractice/Massage discounts, Uniform.  Includes 4 meets (Elite) and 2 meets (Masters)

Tier 3 - $60
USATF Membership and Club Fee

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